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Dental Assistant – Stuck in a Dead End Job?

As a Dental Assistant you can get great pay with good benefit packages much of the time. It’s a profession that permits you to work anyplace in the United States. Also the need for more Dental Assistants is rapidly increasing. There are numerous more reasons why it bodes well to consider turning into a Dental Assistant. Why not find out more?

Dental Assistant

In only 13 weeks you can be trained and prepared for a job in dental assisting! “Would a Career as a Dental Assistant be Ideal for You?”

My name is Dr. Dellwyn M. Turnipseed and I dentistry is my passion! I love instructing and helping people too. After numerous years of being a dental practitioner, I have encountered many individuals who have joined me in the dental field. “Dentistry is such a great calling and I am happy to teach others about the field and my passion for helping others”.

Often there has been a shortage of qualified assistants for the dentistry field. I noticed this need and established the Dental Assistant School of Memphis, a 13-week dental training program with the state of Tennessee and put my expertise and years of experience to work. In addition to my private practice, I work the school in the evenings, with the whole course finished in 13-weeks. “Contrasted with other schools, the Dental Assistant School of Memphis students complete their study in less than half-the-time, yet pay a fraction of other school’s fees”.

By U.S. Division of Labor Statistics there is a shortage of qualified dental assisting professionals. You can difference in individuals’ well-being and lives. Although many people aren’t acquainted with this career opportunity, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dental Assisting is the third fastest growing occupation for which a college education isn’t required. Also, the employment standpoint for Dental Assisting is one of the fastest growing for all occupations through 2020.

This Presents a Great Career Possibility for You!

So what precisely is a Dental Assistant? A Dental Assisting professional functions in a Dental Office giving care to patient. They likewise perform many different office and laboratory obligations as well.

As a Dental Assistant you can earn up to $12 to $26 per hour! A study directed by the Dental Assisting National Board discovered that the median pay for a normal Dental Aide in the United States was $31,739 per year.

Contingent upon where you work, you can get a good package of benefits. Your package of benefits might incorporate: Paid vacation, and sick leave, medical and hospitalization, reimbursement for continuing-education course fees, pension plans (401k) and profit sharing or bonus plans and dental coverage.

Furthermore, as a Dental Assistant you will have job stability. This is based on the need for Dental Assistant exceeding the supply. This stacks the deck to further support your new career.

Furthermore, you can look for employment anyplace in the United States so you’re not restricted to a specific location!

Are you looking for an exciting new career, one that you can finally be proud of? If you said “YES” then a career, as a Dental Assistant, might be right for you. Don’t wait… Email or call (901) 755-7855 today to reserve a spot in our next Dental Assisting class (or visit our Google dental assisting page). We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Dr. Dellwyn M. Turnipseed